About Meters

Access to Your Meters

It is important for accurate billing that the meter reader has safe access to your meters. Obstacles such as locked gates, dogs, meters locked inside structures and bushes that block the meters, make the job of your meter reader more difficult and can actually present a danger. These obstacles may also cause us to have to estimate your meter reading.

Water's Automated Meter Reading (AMR)?

??Automated meter reading, or AMR, is a method of using communication technology to read water meters without having to access the customer's property. The City of Stillwater's AMR system will use meters equipped with wireless transmitters. The system being installed uses a fixed-network system for the meters within the city limits and a drive-by system for the rural (less dense) areas. The fixed network system transmits readings periodically to city hall thus enabling city staff to receive readings as needed. Rural route readings are gathered as the vehicle drives through neighborhoods.