Pat Darlington

Vice Mayor Pat Darlington

Seat 4

Pat Darlington

Elected to second term in January 2017
Term of Office: Four Years


Vice Mayor Pat Darlington was elected to seat 3 for her first term in April 2014. She was re-elected to seat 4 in January 2017, and her term will expire in April 2021. She was appointed to vice mayor in April 2015 and reappointed in April 2016, January 2017 and April 2018.

She spent a short time in Tulsa after graduating from the University of Missouri-Kansas City with her Bachelor of Science in dental hygiene before moving to Stillwater with her family in 1976. After moving to Stillwater, she earned her Master of Science in community counseling and her Ph.D. in educational psychology from Oklahoma State University. Pat also has a Master of Science in religious education from Loyola University in New Orleans. Pat is a licensed psychologist and manages her own practice.

She previously served on the Stillwater Public Schools Board of Education, Stillwater Interfaith Counseling Center Board, Stillwater Public Library Board, Habitat for Humanity Board, and helped establish a senior cohousing neighborhood – Oakcreek Community – the fifth senior cohousing community in the United States.

Pat has four children and nine grandchildren.

Pat serves on the following City Council committees: Stillwater Medical Center Board Nominating Committee

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