Waste Management

Waste Management 

We provide municipal collection of residential and commercial waste (trash) and recycling services for Stillwater and the surrounding area. Our collection programs are safe, efficient, cost-effective and environmentally responsible.

Residential Curbside Collection

The City operates a weekly curbside (automated and semiautomated) services for solid waste and recycling collection for approximately 13,500 single-family homes.

Trash: The program provides residences a choice of five different cart combinations with selections ranging from 35 to 192 gallons of curbside capacity. Designed as a pay-as-you-throw program, residents have the ability to match their disposal capacity to the specific disposal needs for their household.

Recycling and Green waste: The curbside recycling service accepts cardboard, plastic (#1, 2, 5), tin, aluminum and paper in the single-stream collection. Green waste is collected three times per month and glass is collected once per month.

Additional Services: Value-added services include the following: house-side, green waste collection, move-in cardboard removal, 35-gallon bag program, bulk item collection, and commercial cardboard collection.

Recycling Center

The Convenience Collection Center accepts the same items as the curbside service with the addition of electronics, light bulbs, motor oil, antifreeze, cooking oil, textiles and bulk items. 

Commercial Waste Collection Service

The City provides weekly collections for more than 1,500 containers (also called dumpsters) for approximately 3,000 multifamily households and 900 commercial businesses.

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