Property Owner Responsibilities for Water and Sewer Lines

The property owner is responsible for maintenance and repair (and replacement when necessary) of the public sewer service line from the home or business to the City’s public sewer main, including the tap of the main, and the water service line from the home or business to the water meter.

The City is responsible for the water main and water service line to and including the meter, as well as, the sewer main.

Homeowners may purchase a private service line warranty for either their water service line or the sewer service line or both to help with these expenses.

Service Line Warranties

In 2011, the Stillwater Utilities Authority Trustees authorized a partnership with Service Line Warranties of America (SLWA) intended to make utility customers aware of their responsibilities regarding private utility service lines and provide an option to purchase warranties.

Residents receive an offer letter twice a year on City of Stillwater letterhead with information regarding this service line warranty. While on City letterhead, the offer letter is mailed by SLWA and is not a City service, but an opportunity for residents to purchase low-cost water and/or sewer line repair private warranty plan in the event of a service line repair/replacement.

Current Status

In August 2019, staff updated the Stillwater Utilities Authority (SUA) Trustees on the history and status of the marketing agreement.

Notable details of the arrangement include:

  • City customers hold approximately 630 water service line policies and 560 sewer line policies.
  • SLWA provides greater than the 10% rate discount required by the agreement (currently approximately 15% for water and 28% for sewer).
  • There is no cost to the City of Stillwater, except staff time to manage the program.
  • The City makes no money from the program.
  • SLWA offers local plumbers the option to participate as a service provider.

When this contract comes up again, the trustees have an option to renew the contract or discontinue it. We would like to know if this service is important to you. There are pros and cons with the program and several options moving forward. Share your ideas with us concerning private water and sewer service lines and partnering with SLWA by taking our Tell Us Your Thoughts Survey at Speak Up Stillwater.