Sex Offender Registry

Sex Offender Registry

This information is provided by the offender at the time of registration, and may not be current, or correct. For additional information, contact Stillwater Police Department Criminal Investigations Division at 405.372.4171.

Sex Offender Buffer Zone Map

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  • This map is created using the Oklahoma Statutes Title 57 Section 590 and Title 21 Section 1125. Due to the periodic changes in the Oklahoma Statutes, application of the laws requirements are determined on a case by case basis. The map is updated as new information is made available to the City of Stillwater.

  • Any public or private school offering any combination of pre-kindergarten through 12th grade classes or child care facility licensed by the state should take note that a person whose name appears on this registry has been convicted of a sex offense. Continuing to employ a person whose name appears on this registry may result in civil liability for the employer. State Statute - 5 7 0.S. 199 5 Supp., Section 5 84.5A

David Allen Burnett

John D. Cooksey

Harley Davidson Keeton

William Douglas Foster

William Corey Guenther

Brett Lee Bozworth

Jessica R Harms

Gerald Carl Nuckolls

Bill Earl Langley

Mark Alan Webb

Jonathan Blake Mounts

Mack Harold Posey

Dean Thomas Schrock

Gregory Lee German

Gregory Lee German







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