HR COVID Response

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Message to City Staff:

The world is different from the pre-COVID one we were used to. We know you have questions about the pandemic and how it is or will affect your work and your family. The City of Stillwater has been working to assess, evaluate and execute a plan of action to keep Stillwater running.

As a local government, we have obligations to provide services to our residents, ratepayers and visitors, and we have obligations to keep our employees safe, healthy and working. But there are unknowns. Actions we took early in the pandemic may not be the ones we take as we move forward. We will do our best to keep you informed, but understand that there are somethings we must (by law) keep private, such as other employee’s personal information. 

If you have questions, contact HR Director Christy Luper by email or call 405.533.8429.

As always, the City is committed to excellent and outstanding public service in all we do.

Basic Facts: 

  • City employees are our greatest resource.

  • City employees are important and valued.

  • Our current world is different from the pre-COVID-19 one.

  • Recovery moves at its own pace; however, we can proactively take actions to move forward.

  • The City provides many services to different audiences, including residents, ratepayers and visitors. Their expectations may be beyond what the City can provide at this time. 

  • The City must operate within the constraints of the revenues generated.

  • The City makes decisions based on information available at that time. New information may call for changes in direction or in decisions that have already been made.

  • The City chooses to provide accrued leave as a benefit to employees.

  • Pay is for work performed. The City’s standard operating procedure does not include working remotely and/or with flexing schedules as a benefit to employees.

Content last reviewed 09.02.2020