Business Inspections

Business Inspection Process

Stillwater Fire Department provides yearly inspections for Stillwater’s 1,600 business occupancies. The Fire Marshal's Office will contact you to schedule an annual inspection that is convenient with your schedule.

Our goal is to identify potential fire or life-safety issues and to work with you to correct the deficiencies and ensure a safe environment for business owners and the Stillwater community.

The inspections also give our firefighters an opportunity to preplan the business buildings to identify potential hazards they might encounter during an emergency incident.

The preplan includes locating the following:

  • Fire hydrant locations

  • Sprinkler locations

  • Fire alarm locations

  • Fire lanes

  • Storage of hazardous materials

To help the businesses and property owners with the annual inspection, the Fire Marshal’s Office created a checklist to help identify potential code prior to the inspection.

Content last reviewed 05.15.2020