Knoblock St. Water Line Replacement

Knoblock Street Water Line Replacement from University Avenue to 4th Avenue.

Project Manager

City Engineering / Andy Doerflinger

SUA Project No. 21WL06

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What We're Doing

The City of Stillwater and Stillwater Utilities Authority are replacing and upsizing the water line along Knoblock Street from 3rd Avenue to 4th Avenue and along 3rd Avenue and 4th Avenue between Hester Street and West Street. 

Anticipated Milestones

  • Anticipated Date (Design): Winter 2021
  • Anticipated Date (Construction): Spring 2022
  • Anticipated Date (Completion): Fall 2022

Benefits of the Project

The existing cast iron pipe is old and deteriorated. Replacement will increase reliability and improve water quality in the area. 

Budget & Funding

  • Year Funded: Not yet funded
  • Funding Source: Not yet funded
  • Project Budget: Not yet funded
  • Expenditures to date: Not yet funded

Project Management


August 12, 2021: Funds are needed for a Task Order with Keystone Engineering for survey services on a portion of Knoblock Street, 3rd Avenue and 4th Avenue. 

August 31, 2021: Keystone Engineering has been issued a Notice to Proceed to begin survey work. 

October 8, 2021: Keystone Engineering has completed the survey work and submitted data to City staff.

January 10, 2022: Staff are currently gathering data for the water line to be designed in-house.

Actions Authorized by Stillwater Utilities Authority (SUA)

  • 08.16.21  | SUA-21-31 |  Task Order 1 with Keystone Engineering


Map of proposed survey needed for water line replacement