Airport Industrial Access Road Water Line Relocation

Airport Industrial Access Road Water Line Relocation

Project Manager

City Engineering / Andy Doerflinger

SUA Project No. 21WL02

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What We're Doing

The City of Stillwater and Stillwater Utilities Authority are relocating a portion of water line along the Airport Industrial Access Road. 

Anticipated Milestones

  • Anticipated Date (Design): Completed Summer 2021
  • Anticipated Date (Construction): Fall 2021
  • Anticipated Date (Completion): Winter 2022

Benefits of the Project

This section of water line needs to be relocated due to conflicts with the proposed road reconstruction design.

Budget & Funding

  • Year Funded: FY21
  • Funding Source: Water Capital Fund
  • Project Budget: $244,890
  • Expenditures to date: $38,000

Project Management


Sept. 14, 2020: SUA approved the Professional Services Agreement with Olsson Associates to provide design and construction services.

Nov. 20, 2020: 50% design plans were received from Engineer.

Dec. 07, 2020: Staff provided comments to Engineer on design plans. 

Jan. 04, 2021: Olsson has provided 90% design plans for staff review.

Feb. 18, 2021: Olsson is progressing with final plans and permitting. 

Apr. 13, 2021: Olsson continues to QC final plans. 

May 17, 2021: Staff received final plans from Engineer but it was discovered that the current airport work will prevent the water line from beginning construction in the summer. In addition, the airport has asked for an additional hydrant inside their property which will require an amendment to the PSA with Olsson.  

June 18, 2021: Project combined with Airport Industrial Access Road Water Line Relocation project. 

July 9, 2021: The construction permit application to ODEQ has been issued and the project documents are currently begin reviewed by the City Attorney prior to issuing for bid.

July 24, 2021: Project advertised for Bid.

August 4, 2021: A mandatory pre-bid meeting was held at 10am in City Hall. 

August 31, 2021: Bids were opened on August 25, 2021. The sole bidder was Danny Wick Excavating. 

September 14, 2021: The Bid was awarded to Danny Wick Excavating during the SUA meeting held on September 13, 2021.

December 1, 2021: The Contractor has mobilized to the site and begun construction.

January 10, 2022: Construction progress is slow due to existing field conditions.

Actions Authorized by Stillwater Utilities Authority (SUA)

  • 09.14.20  | SUA-20-32 |  PSA with Olsson Associates
  • 09.13.21  | SUA-21-40 |  Bid Award to Danny Wick Excavating


Map showing the proposed new location of the water line