Central Zone & 44th Avenue Water Towers

Central Zone & 44th Avenue Water Towers

Project Manager

Water Resources / Eric Fladie

SUA Project No. 15WC02, Water 2040

What We're Doing

The Central Zone and 44th Avenue Water Towers are part of the Water 2040 Program. Central Zone Tower will be located next to the existing OSU water tower on McElroy Road. This tower will supply water to the future West Highway 51 Booster Pump Station located near Ortho Oklahoma for serving customers connected to Range Tower at 19th Avenue and Range Road, known as the Southwest Distribution Zone. This location also allows Central Tower to connect to the City's existing Central Zone to improve system operation into town. 

44th Tower will replace the two Twin Tower standpipes located north of 44th Avenue between Country Club and Range Roads. The service area for these standpipes are currently under a moratorium on new water taps in order to maintain regulated pressure to existing customers. The new 44th Tower will improve pressure to the City's rural distribution system to include Kenslow Farms, Nottingham, Woodlakes I and II, and Briar Creek Developments.

Project Benefits

These towers will each provide an additional 1-million gallons of elevated water storage to support increasing water demand projections in the southwest area of Stillwater through the year 2040.

Latest Project UpdateLatest Project Update Timeline

April 18, 2017: Construction of Central Zone Tower is underway.

Beginning construction of Central Zone tower with OSU's tower in the background.

Project Timeline:

June 22, 2016: City staff conducted a contractor pre-bid meeting. Bid opening is scheduled for July 13, 2016.

August 24, 2016: Project was awarded to Caldwell Tanks, Inc.

December 7, 2016: Construction is underway on the 44th Avenue Tower.

January 9, 2017: Construction is underway at Central Zone Tower

Sign alerting that Central Zone tower will be constructed

March 1, 2017: Construction continues at 44th Tower as the concrete tank pedestal goes vertical. When complete, the tower will be 140 feet high, as compared to the Twin Towers at 90 feet high. This additional elevation will provide substantially more pressure to the distribution area.

Beginning vertical construction of 44th Tower with existing Twin Towers in background.
44th Tower Construction 16 feet of concrete poured

March 27, 2017: If look south west from Stillwater, you might notice a new feature on the horizon. The 44th Tower pedestal is now 92 feet tall and ready for the water bowl to be placed on top.

Pedestal of 44th Tower at 92 feet tall

Actions authorized by Stillwater Utilities Authority (SUA):

  • 10.19.15  | SUA-15-52 |  Towers Real Estate Authorization

  • 03.07.16  l SUA-16-02   l  Resolution of Reimbursement for Package A

  • 05.02.16  l SUA-16-03   l  Resolution of Reimbursement for Package B

  • 08.01.16  l SUA-16-40   l  Bid Award for Water 2040, Package A


Rendering of new Central Zone Tower next to OSU's water tower.

Rendering of new Central Zone Tower next to OSU's water tower.