US-177/Perkins Rd. Improvements (ODOT)

North Perkins Road (U.S. 177) Improvements

This is a joint project with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT). The City is responsible for design, utility relocation and rights of ways acquisitions, and ODOT is responsible for construction. The proposed concept for U.S. Route 177 (Perkins Road) was developed through a context-sensitive design approach to address the needs of multiple users of the corridor.

Visit ODOT's Current Construction Updates page or call the Oklahoma Department of Transportation at (580) 336-7340 for more information.

US 177 / Perkins Rd Timeline


05/11/2023: Perkins Rd (U.S. 177) Update

The concrete crew will mobilize next week. The Perkins Road Project is currently on schedule to be completed before the end of August 2023.

Additionally, ODOT has ensured that ADA accessible bus stops will be included.

04/11/2023: Perkins Rd (U.S. 177) Update

ODOT - Perkins Rd (U.S. 177) is on schedule with an expected completion date in August.

03/16/2023: Perkins Rd (U.S. 177) Update

ODOT is in Phase 2 of the Perkins Rd. construction project for the southbound lane.

This is the same process as Phase 1 and there is one lane going in both directions and will remain that way until the project is complete. ODOT is on schedule to have the project completed in or by August 2023.

We greatly appreciate our community members and patrons for not only their continued patience with this much-needed infrastructure project – but for their ongoing support of local businesses. Some of the direct entrances into business parking lots have been affected by the construction and we appreciate consumers making the extra effort to take the travel detours and support local. 

Note: 6th St./Hwy 51 – Bidding begins in FY 26/27, construction will begin thereafter.


02/17/2023: Perkins Rd (U.S. 177) Update: Perkins Rd. & Krayler

Please be aware: On the westside of Perkins Rd. and Krayler, there is unstable drive surface for heavy loads. This is due to pavement being removed for the construction project and the recent precipitation. Please consider taking an alternate route.

11/28/2022: Perkins Rd (U.S. 177) Update: Phase 2

Beginning November 28, 2022, the beginning stages of demo will begin on the southbound lane of Perkins Rd. This is Phase 2 of the Perkins Rd. construction project, joint effort of ODOT and the City of Stillwater.

10/10/2022: Perkins Rd (U.S. 177) Update: Lane Shift

Beginning October 10, 2022, the south bound lane will shift near 3rd Street and Perkins Rd. View Graphic

9/20/2022: Perkins Rd (U.S. 177) Update

On September 22, 2022, beginning between 9PM and 10PM, the City’s water system will be shut down in the area east and north of the intersection of McElroy/Perkins to allow for a waterline lowering to be tied-in to the existing system.  This waterline adjustment will allow for the storm sewer system of the new roadway to be constructed. Water service should be restored by 6AM unless the crews are affected by unforeseen circumstances. View Graphic

5/12/2022: Perkins Rd. (U.S. 177) Update
Beginning May 23, cement treated rock (which is the first layer for the new roadway) will be laid at Hall of Fame and work north to Lakeview. This will cause some short-term congestion, but is a relatively quick process. View Graphic

4/20/2022: Perkins Rd. (U.S. 177) Update:Traffic Signal Change
Beginning tomorrow, the traffic signal at the entrance of the parking lot to Aldi, Dollar Tree and Carleton Crossing (1001 N. Perkins Rd.) will be a 4-way stop, no electronic signaling. View Graphic

4/13/2022: Perkins Rd. (U.S. 177) Construction Update: Traffic Signal Change

Beginning this week, the traffic signal at Knotts Ave. and Perkins Rd. will be a 4-way stop (without electronic signaling). Updates will be shared as soon as we receive them. Thank you, all! View Graphic

3/30/2022: Perkins Rd. (U.S. 177) Construction Update: Pioneer Shopping Center & Krayler Intersection

There are now four entrances to Pioneer Shopping Center. The entrances that are open are indicated on the map with a red dot. Thank you for continued support of our businesses! Also, the stop signs used at the 4-way stop at Krayler and Perkins will be replaced with larger, more visible signs. Please be cautious at the intersection and throughout the construction area. View Graphic

3/23/2022: Perkins Rd. (U.S. 177) Construction Update: Left Turns

In effort to keep road workers safe and traffic flowing as smoothly as possible, Stillwater Police Department and ODOT are working together to address traffic concerns on Perkins Rd. Please follow the traffic signs. Do NOT turn left if left turns are not allowed at that intersection. Please plan for additional travel time or locate alternate routes. View Graphic

3/16/2022: Perkins Rd. (U.S. 177) Construction Update: Pioneer Shopping Center

The two entrances off of Perkins Rd. into Pioneer Shopping Center are closed due to construction. In two weeks, one of the two entrances will be reopened. Please use either the Hall of Fame or McElroy entrances to access the shopping center (as noted by the red dots). Thank you for continued support of our businesses! View Map Graphic

3/14/2022: Perkins Rd. (U.S. 177) Construction Update: Traffic Signal Change

Beginning this week, the traffic signal at Krayler Ave. and Perkins Rd. will be a 4-way stop (without electronic signaling). For those who live east of Perkins Rd., we suggest using Hartford St. between Redbud Dr. and Krayler Ave. as an alternate route. Traffic will be monitored; we have not been advised how long the traffic signal will be replaced with stop signs. Updates will be shared as soon as we receive them. View Map Graphic

2/18/2022: Perkins Rd. (U.S. 177) Construction Update: One Lane Roadway Beginning Soon

Beginning Monday, Feb. 28, 2022, Perkins Rd. (U.S. 177) will be one lane in each direction from Hall of Fame to Lakeview Rd. Motorists are advised to expect delays, be aware of travel congestion and plan for additional travel time or locate alternate routes.

There are two phases for the Perkins Rd. project – Phase 1 is the east side of Perkins Rd. and Phase 2 is the west side of Perkins Rd. Weather permitting, anticipated completion of Phase 1 is by fall of 2022.

ODOT is working with the City of Stillwater to halt construction for Oklahoma State University (OSU) game day weekend traffic. Phase 2 will begin after conclusion of the OSU Football season.


1/10/2022: From ODOT

  • The contractor is currently working on drainage plus curb and gutter work on the northbound outside lane. They are first doing what needs to be done out of the roadway to lessen the impact on traffic.

  • They will continue to work their way northward before doing the same work on the southbound lanes.

  • Work on the main travel lanes is expected to begin by spring.

  • The contractor is aware of the major event dates in Stillwater and will do everything possible to accommodate traffic during those busier times.


Traffic Advisory

From Northbound US-177/Perkins Rd. will be intermittently narrowed to one lane between McElroy Rd. and W. Lakeview Rd. in Stillwater starting December 2021 and continuing through spring 2022 for pavement reconstruction. This will be a moving operation with work starting near McElroy Rd. in half-mile segments and moving north toward Lakeview Rd. as construction progresses.

By spring, both northbound and southbound US-177/Perkins Rd. will be narrowed to one lane in each direction for the nearly two-year construction project. Work will suspend in the fall for Oklahoma State University game day weekend traffic and resume after football season completes. 

Motorists can expect lane shifts and a reduced speed limit in the work zone. Drivers are advised to expect delays and plan for extra travel time in the area or locate alternate routes. Additionally, motorists can expect impacts to business driveways starting in early 2022 throughout the extent of the project, however, at least one entrance will remain open at all times to business areas.

The nearly $18 million project was awarded by the Oklahoma Transportation Commission to Duit Construction Company Inc., of Edmond, in October. This work is in partnership with the City of Stillwater. Work is expected to complete in winter 2023.

Benefits of the Project

The proposed concept includes:

  • Widening the road to provide turn lanes at key locations along US-177

  • Center median to reduce the frequency and severity of accidents.

  • A new, signalized intersection at the driveways for Lowe's and Buffalo Wild Wings. This signal will be between Redbud Drive and Krayler Avenue.

  • Pedestrian and bicycle improvements through a multi-use path along the west side of US-177 and sidewalk along the east side of US-177.

Budget & Funding

  • Year Funded: FY2016

  • Funding Source: Transportation Sales Tax Fund and state and federal transportation dollars

  • City of Stillwater for design, utility relocation and rights of way acquisitions

    • Project Budget: $3.4 million

    • Expenditure to date: $2,944,705

  • Oklahoma Department of Transportation's Construction Budget (from ODOT's 8 Year Plan): $13,390,000

    • US-177: from SH-51 North 3 miles to Lakeview Road in Stillwater.
      Includes Widening five lane section from McElroy to Lakeview
      JP#2986004 FFY 2021 Widening & Resurface

Anticipated Milestones

  • Utility relocation is underway, and ROW is 99% secured.

  • Anticipated Date (Design): Design 100% complete

  • Anticipated Date (Construction): Construction is by ODOT and scheduled for bidding in FY2021

  • Anticipated Date (Completion): Winter 2023

Project Management

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