North Perkins Road Improvements

North Perkins Road (U.S. 177) Improvements

Project Manager

Transportation & Stormwater / Monty Karns

What We're Doing

The proposed concept for Perkins Road was developed through a context sensitive design approach to address the needs of multiple users of the corridor.

The proposed concept includes:

  • Widening the road to provide turn lanes at key locations along Perkins Road (U.S. 177).

  • Center median to reduce frequency and severity of accidents.

  • A new, signalized intersection at the driveways for Lowe's and Buffalo Wild Wings. This signal will be between Redbud Drive and Krayler Avenue.

  • Pedestrian and bicycle improvements through a multiuse path along the west side of Perkins Road and sidewalk along the eastside of Perkins Road.

Latest Project Update

Images and Video:

Proposed improvements on Perkins Road.

Stakeholder Recommendation – Concept Drawings
(click images for enlarged PDF)

Perkins Road at McElroy Road

Stakeholder Recommendation Concept Drawings for Perkins Road at McElroy

Perkins Road at Redbud Drive and Krayler Avenue

Stakeholder Recommendation Concept Drawings of Perkins Road at Redbud Drive

Perkins Road at Knotts Avenue and Lakeview Road

Stakeholder Recommendation Concept Drawings of Perkins Road at Knotts Avenue