FY20 Pavement Management Diamond Grind

FY20 Pavement Management (Diamond Grind)

Project Manager / 20TR07

Bill Millis / Deputy Director / City Engineering 

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What We're Doing

The City is diamond grinding a number of streets as part of the FY20 Pavement Management Program:  

  • McElroy Road: (Main Street to Jardot Road)

  • Hall of Fame Avenue: (Washington Street to Knoblock Street)

Ahead of the diamond grinding, there will be some spot panel replacements

Anticipated Milestones

  •    Anticipated Date (Design): 2.2021

  •    Anticipated Date (Construction): 6.2021

  •    Anticipated Date (Completion):  10.2021

Benefits of the Project

Diamond grinding is a maintenance strategy that is used on older concrete streets that extends the life of the pavement before needing to be reconstructed. Also, it provides a smoother ride and reduces the impact stress on the pavement and base which also extends the pavement life. 

The cost for grinding is approximately $10 per square yard vs. $12.80 per square yard for an asphalt overlay. The expected life of the grinding is 16 to 17 years vs. 7 years for an asphalt overlay.

Budget & Funding

Project Management



Actions Authorized City Council 

  • 08.05.2019: City Council | Approval of FY20/21 Pavement Maintenance Program


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