FY18 Pavement Management

FY18 Pavement Management

Program Manager

City Engineering / Michael Stephenson, CET

What We're Doing

After investing in repaving and repairing streets, the city takes steps to keep that pavement in good shape as long as possible. The following is part of the annual Pavement Management Program

  • Preventative Maintenance  –  (Joint and Crack Sealing) – Completed

    • Jardot Rd.:  6th Ave. to McElroy Rd

    • Stallard St.:  6th Ave. to Virginia Ave.

  • Deferred Maintenance (Full Depth Street Repair) – Completed

    • Duck St. & Miller Ave. – Complete

    • 19th Ave.over culvert between Sangre Rd. and Devon Lea St. – Complete

    • Jardot Rd. outside north-bound lane between Elm Ave. and Virginia St. – Complete

  • Preventative Maintenance (Thin Surface Overlay) – Completed

    • 19th Ave.:  Sangre Rd. to Western Rd.  

    • Husband St.:  Lakeview Rd. to Airport Rd.  

    • Miller Ave.:  Duck St. to Main St.  

  • Rehabilitation – Complete

    • Main St.:  6th Ave. to McElroy Rd.

    • Duck St.:  12th Ave. to 6th Ave.

    • Jefferson St.:  12th Ave. to 9th Ave

    • Sangre Rd.:  6th Ave. to north of Stillwater Creek Bridge

    • Culvert Replacement on Richmond Rd at Perkins Rd.

  • Reconstruction – Under Construction; Complete Summer 2021

    • 4th Ave.:  Washington St. to Hester St.

    • Hester St.:  6th Ave. to 4th Ave.

Benefits of the Project

Advantages of this program include:

  • Improving the quality of the City’s streets in a financially responsible manner;

  • Implementing a plan that considers both immediate and long-term needs;

  • Promoting transparency by educating the public about our decision process.

Budget & Funding

  • Year Funded:  FY2018

  • Funding Source:  Transportation Sales Tax Fund

  • Project Budget: $4,700,000

  • Expenditure to date:  $2,219,753 (Construction only)

Project Management

Active Construction Phase

Actions Authorized by City Council


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