Transportation Projects

Transportation Infrastructure Projects

Visit the Stillwater Infrastructure Map to see where city infrastructure projects are happening.

Our priority remains to strategically manage one of our city's largest asset—the transportation infrastructure—to make the best use of our streets and sidewalks, to improve safety and to reduce congestion.  

When considering improvements, the City of Stillwater follows its Multi-Modal Transportation Policy The policy guides the creation of a transportation system that provides connectivity and promotes consistent movement of all modes of traffic. People of all ages and abilities should be able to safely move along the transportation corridors within our community, regardless of how they are traveling.

Active projects (listed in the navigation bar to the left) may include Pavement Management Program projects or joint projects with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, Payne County and Oklahoma State University to name a few of our partners.

Have your say…

By having your say, you can help shape what and how we deliver, operate and maintain transportation infrastructure in Stillwater.

Visit our civic engagement platform Speak Up, Stillwater and let us know what you think of upcoming projects at

Transportation Spending: Fiscal Year 2017-2020

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