19th Avenue Water Line Replacement

19th Avenue Water Line Replacement

Project Manager

Water Resources / David Barth, P.E.

SUA Project No. 10WT32

What We're Doing

The City of Stillwater and the Stillwater Utilities Authority will be replacing and relocating about 5,280 feet of water line along 19th Avenue between Jardot Road and Brush Creek Road. The existing 8" line made of transite, which is degrading and is located inside the county right-of-way. The new line will be located outside of the existing county right-of-way, eliminating risk of damage to the line by road grading operations.


The new 12" water line will be constructed to replace an aging 8" line which is too shallow.

How We're Paying For It

Funds for the construction of the project and associated services will come from the City's Water Capital Fund. Total cost of the services is projected at $373,493.



December 7, 2016: Design of the water line is currently in progress.

February 2, 2017: Contractor 4M Trenching, LLC won the bid and notice to proceed was issued on January 10th. The Contractor has installed approximately 1575 feet of the 5250 foot waterline.

April 18, 2017: The water line was put into service in late March. Three new fire hydrants were also installed with the new, larger water line.

Actions authorized by Stillwater Utilities Authority (SUA)

  • 3.1.10  | SUA-10-08 |  Professional Services Agreement

  • 10.17.16  |  SUA-16-50 |  Professional Services Agreement, Amendment No. 2


Proposed water line alignment on 19th Ave.

Proposed water line alignment on 19th Avenue

Photo taken by inspector before digging began. Orange fence has been installed by Contractor and staking done to prep for digging.