Proposed Expansion

Terminal Expansion

Project Manager

Paul Priegel, Airport Director

What We're Doing

It is proposed to expand the Stillwater Regional Airport's terminal to accommodate commercial air service and increased capacity demands. 

Anticipated Milestones?

  • Anticipated Date (Design): 2022

  • Anticipated Date (Construction): 2024

  • Anticipated Date (Completion): 2026

Benefits of the Project

The primary benefit will be to provide much-needed space for the commercial air service.  Additionally, the current terminal is not designed for commercial air service and is a 1950s structure. This project will add specially designed commercial airline service space as well as remodel the existing terminal.     

Budget & Funding

This project will be funded with 90% FAA AIP Grant funds and 10% with local funds. 

Project Management

Project Management Graph


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Actions by City Council

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future expansion of Stillwater Regional Airport's terminal

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