Parallel Taxiway

Parallel Taxiway Project

What We're Doing

Phase 1: Design (Complete)

Stillwater Regional Airport is in the process of creating a preliminary design and engineering report for the construction of a full-length parallel taxiway to Runway 17-35.

The current budget for the preliminary engineering is $166,667. The project is funded by AIP Project Number 3-40-0090-24-2016 with $150,000 federal and $16,667 local funds.

Phase 2: Construction (In-Progress)

Once the preliminary engineering is complete, construction will begin on a full-length parallel taxiway for Runway 17-35.

The construction portion of this project is funded through FAA AIP Project Number 3-40-0900-25-2017 with FAA, state and local contributions. The preliminary budget is $3,400,000. See below for a layout illustration of the construction outlined with yellow.

(Posted Sept. 29, 2016)

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Project construction outlined with yellow.

Project construction