Speakers Bureau

City of Stillwater's Speakers Bureau

Learn more about the City of Stillwater, how it operates, what services it provides, which projects are underway and plans for the future by scheduling a presentation for your group, special event or classroom.

Members of the Stillwater City Council and city staff are pleased to address specific municipal topics or to respond to general city-related questions.

Groups may include neighborhood associations, school clubs, civic organizations, or any Stillwater group wanting to be informed.

The City of Stillwater Speakers Bureau is a free, local service created to demystify the role of government. We want to be the best resource for getting answers to important questions about Stillwater. 

To request a presentation by city staff or City Council, contact us one of three ways:

We’ll contact you to confirm arrangements. Allow for a 30-day advance notice for your presentation.  

If you don't see the topic you need, let us know.


General Government

  • Growing Stillwater: Learn about our changing business community and the tools used to promote strong growth 

  • How to get involved: Role of citizens in city government

  • Learn more about Utility Customer Service

  • Let's talk trash and recycling

  • Parks and Recreation opportunities

  • Putting the work in public works: Meet the Operations Department

  • Running your city: Overall operations of city government

  • Transparency in government

  • Your city golf course: Lakeside Memorial Golf Course

  • Your tax dollars at work 

Animal Welfare

  • Animal Welfare’s mission, function and responsibilities.

  • Too many animals, too few homes. Pet overpopulation and solutions, for adults or the school classroom.

Development Services

  • Master planning and visioning for Stillwater

  • What requires a building permit?

  • Grants

  • What is stormwater

  • Can I build in the floodplain?

Environmental Programs

  • Environmental Programs: Who we are and what we do

  • Beware of FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease)

  • Introduction to the Industrial Pretreatment Program

  • Annual Trash-Off

  • Household Hazardous Waste collection 

  • Presentations on specific environmental issues are possible. Call or email us for more information.


  • The Stillwater Public Library's knowledgeable and experienced librarians are available to present a wide range of timely and informative topics. For a complete list, visit the Library's website.

Public Safety (Fire)

  • History of the Stillwater Fire Department

  • How to become Firewise

  • Fire prevention education for the home or workplace

  • Customized fire prevention presentations are available. Call or email us for more information.

Public Safety (Police)

  • Alcohol laws (for college students)  

  • Crime, drugs and drug laws

  • Drug court and the criminal justice system

  • Elder exploitation

  • False identification card detection for liquor and convenience stores

  • Fingerprint classes for elementary schools

  • Forensics class for school students

  • Home and personal safety

  • Identity theft

  • Internet crimes against children

  • Internet crimes for elementary schools

  • Internet crimes/safety

  • K-9 Presentations

  • Property crimes and personal safety

  • Public education on crimes against children

  • Sexual assault awareness

  • White collar crimes

Public Safety (Emergency Management)

  • Community emergency response training

  • Flooding

  • How Stillwater Emergency Management Agency responds to a severe weather event

  • Lightning safety and our warning system

  • Outdoor warning system

  • Stillwater Emergency Management Agency: Our role in the community

  • The Flash Flood Guidance system and how we use it

  • The role of the Emergency Operation Center  

  • The Stillwater Emergency Management Volunteer: A vital community resource

  • Winter weather safety 


  • What's happening at the Stillwater Regional Airport?

  • Pavement Management Program

  • Transportation Capital Programs

  • Complete Streets

  • Road diets

  • Traffic signals

  • Off-Street Trail Plan


  • Animal Welfare

  • Emergency Operation Center

  • Lakeside Memorial Golf Course

  • Stillwater Fire Stations

  • Stillwater Regional Airport

Content last reviewed 05.13.2020