Business Licenses & Registrations

Business Licenses & Registrations

All licenses are issued and paid for in the City Clerk's Office. The City of Stillwater accepts the following payment options: Cash, Check, MasterCard, Visa and Discover.

Printable forms for all business licenses and registrations are on the Forms webpage.

Alcohol Beverage License

  • Request For Certificate of Compliance for Interim Licensing

  • Wine & Beer in excess of 3.2 percent 
    Initial Fee: $500 
    Renewal Fee: $450 

  • Mixed Beverage 
    Initial Fee: $1,005 
    Renewal Fee: $905 

  • Alcohol for Caterers 
    Initial Fee: $1,005 
    Renewal Fee: $905 

  • Retail Package (liquor) Store 
    Fee: $905

  • Fraternal Organizations Mixed Beverage 
    Fee: $500

Bus Business License

  • Fee: $10 per year

Day Care License

  • No Fee (Processed through Development Services)

 Garage Sale

  • The City of Stillwater does not require a license or permit to have a residential garage sale, but there are a few rules to keep in mind when planning your garage sale. Stillwater City Code states residential garage sales are not to exceed three consecutive days and are limited to three times in a calendar year.

Itinerant Merchant/Peddlers License

  • Fee: $50 per year

 Itinerant Merchant/Peddlers License for Mobile Food Services

  • Fee: $50 per year

Low-Point Beer License

  • Low Point Beer Consumption (Off Premises)
    Fee: $30

  • Low Point Beer Consumption (Unrestricted)
    Fee: $60

  • Low Point Beer Consumption (Restricted)
    Fee: $60

 Pawnbroker License

  • Fee: $50 per year

 Solicitor/Canvasser License

  • Stillwater resident
    Fee: $75 per year

  • Non-resident
    Fee: $250 per year 

 Taxi/Limousine Business Registration

  • Fee: $10 per year