Sales Tax


In Oklahoma, sales tax is the largest source of recurring revenue for municipalities. The total sales tax paid for purchases within Stillwater city limits is 8.813 percent (effective April 1, 2013). We post a monthly Stillwater sales tax collections update on our website.

Sales Tax:

Sales Tax on Internet Purchases

01.17.17  |  Editorial: State law to collect tax on internet sales has no teeth

11.08.17  |  Editorial: Stillwater calls on Oklahoma Legislature to do its job: Pass a strong online sales tax bill

11.14.17  | Editorial: How to solve Oklahoma’s $215 million deficit? It’s an easy fix.

Sales Tax Trend:

(Fiscal Year Ending 6/30) 



































Hotel/Motel Tax

Sec. 39-273. - Tax levied.

  • There is hereby levied an excise tax of four percent of the gross rental receipts due from or paid by any transient guests of hotels located within the city, except that the tax shall not be assessed where the rent is less than $5 per day. 

(Code 1982, § 28-67; Ord. No. 2178, § 3, 3-25-1985)

Property Tax

  • Property taxes finance General Obligation Bonds, which voters approve for specific capital projects. It is a common misconception that property taxes help pay for the City’s core services. Although this is true in many states, cities and towns in Oklahoma are not allowed to levy property taxes for day-to-day operations.

Use Tax

  • Use tax is due on goods purchased outside of Oklahoma and brought into Stillwater and consumed in situations when no sales tax was charged. An example is something you buy online from another state and no sales tax is charged, but you use the item in Stillwater once it's delivered.