Parks, Trails & Open Spaces

Parks, Trails & Open Spaces

Disc Golf

  • Boomer Lake Park (North Washington & Lakeview Road)

  • Couch Park & Sports Complex (12th Avenue & Perkins Road)

  • Lake McMurtry (fee required)


General fishing rules applicable to Boomer Lake, Lake McMurtrySanborn Lake and Whittenburg Lake:

  • Water quality information

  • State of Oklahoma fishing license or exemption is required.

  • Limit of two poles per person.

  • Oklahoma Wildlife Department of Conservation bag limits and length limits are enforced.

  • Cast nets are allowed for the taking of personal non-game baitfish.

  • Trotlines, jug lines and limb lines are prohibited.

  • Fishing in a swim area is prohibited.

  • For additional regulations visit the ODCW at

General boating rules applicable to Boomer Lake, Lake McMurtry Sanborn Lake and Whittenburg Lake:

  • Vessels are prohibited on the City of Stillwater owned portion of Whittenberg Lake.

  • Vessels with gas motors are prohibited from Sanborn Lake.

  • All vessels must comply with state and federal regulations.

  • All vessels must be equipped with the required safety equipment.

  • All vessels must operate with due regard for the safety of other vessels.

  • No vessel may create a wake within 50 yards of a dock, pier or boat ramp.

  • Jetskis or personal watercrafts are prohibited.

  • Water skiing, wake boarding, tubing and other similar type activity are prohibited.

  • Children 12 and under must wear a life jacket at all times.

Vessel registration:

  • All vessels using either an electric or gas motor must be registered through the state of Oklahoma, including vessels with an outboard motor 10 horsepower and over.

  • Kayaks and canoes with a bow and a stern that comes to a point are exempt from registration when not equipped with a gas or electric-powered motor. However, those vessels must be equipped with all safety equipment. 

Parks & Open Spaces

Park restrooms are closed seasonally (usually from Nov. 1 through April 1). Openings and closings of restrooms are weather dependent.

  • Arrington Park (3rd Avenue & Arrington)

  • Arrowhead Park (Arrowhead & Kings)

  • Babcock Park & Sports Complex (19th Avenue & Western Road)

  • Berry Park (Berry & Maple)

  • Boomer Lake Park (North Washington & Lakeview Road). Enjoy its three-mile walk/bike trail.

  • Centennial Plaza (6th Avenue & Perkins Road)

  • Chris Salmon Plaza (9th Avenue & Main Street)

  • Couch Park & Sports Complex (12th Avenue & Perkins Road)

  • Hoyt Grove Park (12th Avenue & Alcott Drive)

  • Ingham Park (4th Avenue & Ridge Street)

  • Lake McMurtry

  • Lake Carl Blackwell (Owned and maintained by Oklahoma State University)

  • Myers Park (9th Avenue & Ridge Drive)

  • Sanborn Lake Park & Sports Complex (West Airport Road)

  • Southern Woods Park (12th Avenue & Ramsey Street)

  • Strickland Park & Sports Complex (Main Street & Hall of Fame Avenue)

  • Stillwaggin' Dog Park (801 W. 11th Avenue)

  • Stillwater 500 Motorcycle Park (6500 W. 56th)

  • Sunset Park (8th Avenue & Washington Street)

  • Tower Park (Walnut Street & University Avenue)

  • West Park (5th Avenue & Charles Street)

  • Whittenberg Park & Sports Complex (North of Richmond Road on U.S. 177)

  • Will Rogers Park (Washington Street and Eskridge Drive)

Splash Pads & Swimming Pool (Seasonal)

Sports Center & Complexes

  • Armory Recreation Center (315 E. 9th Ave.)

    • The Armory gym is open to the public Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Recreation equipment may be checked out from either the Stillwater Area Sports Association office or the Armory Recreation Center office during these hours.

  • Babcock Park & Sports Complex (19th Avenue & Western Road)

  • Couch Park & Sports Complex (12th Avenue & Perkins Road)

  • Sanborn Lake Park & Sports Complex (West Airport Road)

  • Southern Woods (12th Avenue & Hester)

  • Strickland Park & Sports Complex with Skate/BMX Ramp (Main Street & Hall of Fame Avenue)

  • Whittenberg Park & Sports Complex (North of Richmond Road on U.S. 177)

Walking & Multi-Use Trails

Stillwater is served by a number of paved and unpaved bicycle and walking trails for non-motorized forms of transit.

  • The League of American Bicyclists recognizes the City of Stillwater as a Bronze Level Bicycle Friendly Community.

  • The Kameoka Trail Corridor, named in honor of Stillwater's sister city, includes a three-mile loop around Boomer Lake and several disconnected segments throughout the city. Following this general route:

    • Begins north at Park View Estates running along West Boomer Creek toward Airport Road and Boomer Lake Park.

    • Around Boomer Lake and heading south to the Stillwater High School

    • Across McElroy and heads south to Hall of Fame between Main and Perkins

    • Runs southward through Hoyt Grove Park

  • Multi-Use Trails

    • Asphalt trail through Couch Park

    • Dirt nature trail around Sanborn Lake

    • Bike and pedestrian trails at Lake McMurtry

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