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Stillwater Airport Roofing Material Runoff Situation

Released:Dec 13, 2022

STILLWATER, OK — On Sunday at the Stillwater Regional Airport, contractors applied coating to roofs as part of general maintenance upgrades. The coating was not completely dry prior to overnight rain, therefore, it washed off of the roofs, down the storm drains and into a nearby pond north of Sanborn Lake.

The liquid runoff has been contained into a controlled area. The area has caution notifications along the perimeter to prevent people from entering. Everyone is asked to avoid the marked off area.

The safety data sheet indicates the contractor’s roofing material does not seem to be toxic to humans. Top Hand Field Services, an environmental company, has been hired to remove the waste to mitigate potential aquatic toxicity to safeguard wildlife.

Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality is leading the investigation. Airport operations, including flights, are as usual since the situation has been contained and the facility is safe.

Additional information will be provided as available, if needed.

For inquiries, contact Dawn Jones, PIO, Communications Department at (405) 742-8214 or email


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