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SPD and SFD Celebrate New Officers, Promotion of Fire Marshal

Released:Nov 08, 2022

(Stillwater, OK) — Stillwater’s Public Safety team had a lot to celebrate this week with an Oath of Office ceremony for three officers joining the Stillwater Police Department and a pinning ceremony to mark the promotion of a new Fire Marshal.

Officers Roger Osiek, Lionard Fombe and Casey Rogers swore their oaths of office before Municipal Judge Tanya Raun on Thursday and received their badges.

Police Chief Jeff Watts welcomed them to the department and said the oath they were about to take outlines the principles that will guide their conduct as SPD officers.

He reminded them that thanks to the work of the men and women who went before, SPD enjoys a strong relationship with residents and support from the Mayor, City Council and City administration.

“We must never forget that we are public servants, and that our everyday mission is serve and protect our citizens and visitors,” Watts said. “We will continue to do this just as those before us and accept that our personal sacrifices directly contribute to the conditions in which our families, friends, neighbors and citizens live.”

Another ceremony on Friday marked the promotion of Fire Marshal Thomas Tharp from his former position of Deputy Fire Marshal.

The work of the Fire Marshal can be thankless, and is not always readily apparent, Fire Chief Terry Essary said. “But your efforts will protect and save the lives of more people than you will ever know,” he told Tharp.

Tharp was pinned by his wife Melinda with the insignia that shows his change in rank. The bugles on the pin are a symbol of leadership that references the history of firefighting, Essary explained. Before radios were available, leaders on the fire ground would use metal bugles to amplify their voices.

But beyond history, the insignia represents the values of hope, courage, trust and honor, he said.

“It symbolizes the duties that go with that badge are given in ultimate trust,” Essary said. “They are given by those we serve and we must never forget our true purpose and responsibility that we have been gifted.”

The Stillwater Police Department’s three newest recruits, officers Lionard Fombe, Roger Osiek and Casey Rogers swore their oaths of office Thursday before Municipal Judge Tanya Raun.


The Stillwater Fire Department marked the promotion of Thomas Tharp, a veteran firefighter with more than 24 years of experience, to Fire Marshal. Tharp’s wife Melinda pinned his uniform with the insignia of his new rank during Friday’s ceremony. 



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