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City Council approves FY22 budget, updated Stillwater Strategic Plan

Released:May 20, 2021


(STILLWATER, OKLAHOMA / May 20, 2021) -- The Stillwater City Council approved the Fiscal Year 2022 budget and an updated Strategic Plan at its regular meeting Monday that will guide the City’s initiatives and service to Stillwater residents.

The City’s budget for FY22 is $112,300,000 and includes operational funding for public safety, transportation, utilities, parks, airport and administration. In addition to operational funding, the budget includes several significant community investments, including a recycling staging facility, vehicles and equipment for the Police Department and Public Works and pavement management.

The City’s Strategic Plan includes new Mission and Vision statements and an update to the six major Strategic Priorities.

The Mission Statement is “To build a vibrant community for every citizen through our efficient services, shared spaces and smart planning.”

The Vision states that “Stillwater will be a dynamic, inclusive community with a spirit of innovation, growth and opportunity.”

City leadership and employees will focus their decisions and efforts on six Strategic Priorities:

1.         Effective Services & Accountable Government

2.         Motivated Management

3.         Safe Community

4.         Connected Spaces

5.         Unique Culture

6.         Engaged & Invested Residents

The City also launched a new Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Dashboard that highlights areas of success and focuses on areas for improvement.

“The purpose of the revised Strategic Plan is to sharpen the City’s focus on its priorities and the services it provides the community,” said City Manager Norman McNickle. “KPIs are important measurements of our work and help us best serve Stillwater citizens.”

Throughout the pandemic, City of Stillwater employees have worked hard to provide citizens the level of service they expect and deserve while following health and safety guidelines.

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