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SPD: Shooting 2018-14842 Update

Released:May 08, 2018


On Sunday, 5-6-18 Stillwater Police disseminated the attached release (“2018-14842 release 1.dotx”) regarding a shooting that occurred at the White Barn Estates club house in Stillwater.

This email is an update on the case which answers several questions about the incident.  The case is still under investigation.


Q1: Is a motive known for the shooting? 

A1: We do not know the exact motive at this time. We know there was a fight in the club house. The fight may have stemmed from the alleged theft some necklaces. As security officers were clearing the club house and shutting the party down after that fight and theft of money from the bar, shooting began in the parking lot. We are not sure how or if the thefts, fight and shooting are related.

Q2: Was this gang-related? 

A2: There is no indication this was a gang related incident.

Q3: Do you have an estimate of the number of shots fired?

A3: The evidence at the scene indicates multiple firearms were involved which suggests there may have been multiple shooters firing weapons during the incident.  In addition to four victims being struck a vehicle leaving the scene with two witnesses was struck with five rounds.

Q4: Do you have information about the condition of the victims treated at the Stillwater Medical Center and Oklahoma City? 

A4: A twenty year old male victim treated at Stillwater Center and a nineteen year victim treated at OU Trauma were both treated and released Sunday morning. A sixteen year old victim treated at Stillwater Medical Center was initially admitted and released later in the day on Sunday evening. I do not have full details on the female victim treated at Norman Regional hospital at this time.

Q5: Why was the party being shut down?

A5: The party was being shut down primarily because someone stole money from the bar and the bar tip jar.  There was also a fight that erupted inside the White Barn club house during the party so on-scene security began clearing the building. The security personnel were private contractor security officers. 

Q6: Do you have an estimate of the number of people at the party?

A6: The initial estimates were 200-300 persons.

Q7: Was this party in an apartment or a meeting room?

A7: The party was at the White Barn community club house.

Q8: Had the shooter been at the party?

A8: The shooting occurred in the parking lot area.

Q9:  Have there been any arrests?

A9: There have been no arrests at this time.


Cpt. Kyle Gibbs


SPD: Shooting 2018-14842


(Stillwater, Oklahoma  5/6/2018) - On Sunday morning, May 6, 2018, at approximately 1:30AM Stillwater Police Officers were dispatched to the White Barn Estates (2020 E. Lakeview) to investigate a report of shots being fired. Officers with the Payne County Sheriff’s Department and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol also responded to assist.

When Officers arrived on scene they located a male victim who had  gunshot wounds to his chest and hand. That victim was flown by helicopter to a hospital in Oklahoma City. A short time later two other victims arrived at the Stillwater Medical Center. One of those victims had a gunshot wound to the leg and the other had a gunshot wound to his arm.

Investigators with the Criminal Investigations Unit responded to the scene to begin their investigation. While there they received information about a female gunshot victim who had arrived at Normal Regional Medical Center in Norman, Oklahoma seeking treatment. She had a gunshot wound to the buttocks. She told medical staff that she had been shot while attending a party at the White Barn in Stillwater.

Witnesses told Officers on scene that shots rang out after the party was being shut down by security staff at White Barn Estates. Witnesses said the shooter fired shots toward the crowd as they were exiting the front of the building.

Thus far, no arrests have been made and the investigation into this incident continues. If you have any information about this incident please call the Stillwater Police Department Criminal Investigations Unit at 405-372-4171.


Capt. Kyle Gibbs




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