Will My Trees Be OK?

For Starters

While it is important to wait at least until spring to get an idea of the full extent of damage done to trees, it's also important to act quickly to remove hanging limbs or entire hazardous trees. Hanging limbs and hazardous trees are unpredictable and could fall at any time. Limbs out of your reach, and any hazardous tree, should be removed by a professional tree care company. Trees are considered to be "hazardous" only if they have structural defects which may cause them to fall on someone or something else of value. Generally, a hazardous tree must have a significant target within falling distance of the tree. A target can include people, vehicles, and structures.

Assessing the damage

Patience pays. After removing dangerous hanging limbs, wait until spring to see how the tree performs. Whether a tree will survive or not is very closely related to how much live crown has been lost. The live crown is the living branches that make up the top of the tree. The more live crown that is lost, the poorer the chances are that the tree will survive. The following ice damage categories can serve as a general guide to predicting survival.