Date of Meeting:

February 10, 2003


Map Amendment

Project Name:

PZ.03.536 - Dr. Stephen Martin


East Side of the 700 Block of South Western Road

Purpose of Report/Project Objective: The applicant is applying for approval of a map amendment to rezone the East side of the 700 Block of South Western Road from RS3, Small Lot Single-Family District to CO, Office District. Staff understands that the intended use of the property upon successfully rezoning is for development of a professional medically related office and desire for other potential non-medically related office use as well.

Background/Project Description:General: The property proposed to be rezoned is a part of a larger nearly two-acre, single-family zoned parcel originally stretching from Western Road through to Ridge Drive to the east. The Planning Commission approved a subdivision request for this tract in 1984, authorizing the subject tract to be subdivided, sold, and developed separately from the portion containing the existing home. Approval of the subdivision included widening an existing 10-foot wide utility easement along the north boundary of the tract to a 15-foot wide utility easement, and dedication of 7 feet of additional right-of-way along the Western Road frontage. It was also indicated at that time, that construction of a sidewalk would be required with a site plan when and if the property were rezoned and developed commercially. The requested rezoning matches Tract A of the previously approved minor subdivision. The applicant will need to comply with the previous conditions of approval, prior to obtaining the City's stamp of subdivision approval on a new deed for the subject property, which would then be filed of record in the Payne County Clerk's office, officially creating the subject tract as a separate parcel from Tract B.

The subject property is undeveloped except for a recently newly paved driveway which provides access to the home which is to remain on the adjacent separate parcel. Application Processing Information:Applicant: Dr. Stephen Martin, 743-4212

Representative: Stillwater Engineering & Consulting - 405/743-3355 (phone)Property Owner: Ed Macuila, with contract to purchase by Dr. Stephen Martin

Submittal Date: 1.13.03Review Fee: $253Application Type: Map AmendmentProcessing Category: Public HearingNotice: Public hearing notification to local paper/surrounding property owners within 300 feet. Assigned Planner: Bryan C. Brown, 405/385-0140Certified as Complete Application: Complete 1.14.03Processing Track:Development Review Committee: 1.22.03Planning Commission: 2.4.03City Commission: 2.10.03 (Public hearing set)

Project/Site Design Data/Details: Current Zoning District: RS3Requested Zoning District: COExisting Use: vacantProposed Use: commercial medical office, and general office

Lot Area: 33,370 square ft., 142' wide by 235' deep

Street Access & Frontage: Western Road

Applicable City Plans/Policies: Comprehensive Plan 2020: Communitywide Development Policies: This request is in accordance with the intent to guide the location of future development within the urban growth area and in a manner which utilizes existing infrastructure, and intensification of appropriate infill areas. A key component to the Plan is also enhancing and maintaining the viability of existing neighborhoods.

Subarea: This request is a part of the Urban Core Neighborhood subarea. In general, this subarea includes mostly older residential areas that collectively include many areas that are in transition, most impacted in part by the presence of the OSU campus. A variety of infill and selective intensification activities are recommended in general within this subarea. The enhancement of connections is recommended when possible and applicable. For instance, sidewalks are needed with development along this portion of Western Road.

Overlay Area: The area east of Western Road between 6th Avenue and 8th Avenue, eastward to Orchard Street, and on down to 9th Avenue on over to Monroe Street, is recommended for establishment of a Medical Center overlay district. The proposed objectives of the Medical Center overlay area include permitting medical offices and related suppliers, and adoption of compatibility standards for those areas that adjoin residential uses. Transportation Plan 2010: The plan designates Western Road as a minor arterial street classification at this location. Recent evaluations of the roadway needs in this area by staff are now more specific than those currently identified within the transportation plan. The road will be 2-lanes in each direction with a turn lane in the middle which will require a right-of-way width of 95 to 100 feet. It is highly probable that such an improvement will occur within the next 10 years. Future Land Use Plan Map Designation: The primary land use plan designation within this area is for Medium-Density Residential. This is in recognition of the predominant existing residential zoning and land use which exists on the east side of Western Road within the area. The offices are generally not considered an appropriate use by definition within this designation. Medium-Density Residential includes all single-family, two-family, multi-family, and manufactured residential uses that involve more than a gross density of four dwelling units but less than a gross density of twelve units per acre. Convenience- and neighborhood-scale commercial on a limited basis can also be appropriate. Office uses are generally an appropriate use in each of the commercial future land use map designations, but are not usually appropriate in the medium-density residential designation. However, offices are particularly appropriate in transitioning between residential and non-residential uses provided that the scale, operating hours and traffic impact are compatible with the residential use and scale of the project.

The west side of Western Road is designated Thoroughfare Commercial, and is currently zoned commercial (CS), and developed with commercial uses.

Discussion/Review/Findings: Primary Issues Considered with this Request:

Conformance with Comprehensive Plan. This rezoning request complies with the proposed medical office overlay district proposed by the Comprehensive Plan to be established for this area, but the rezoning is not in full conformance with the future land use plan map which indicates primarily medium density residential uses for the area. The "Plan" is policy driven, not map driven, giving more credence to written policies. The proposed medical overlay district is recommended to be created; it has not yet been established. Staff concludes, on balance, that this request may be found to be in accordance with the "Plan"; however approval of the CO District would have the affect of slightly amending the Future Land Use Plan Map designation for the east side of Western Road in this area from Medium-Density Residential to the Thoroughfare Commercial designation.

Relevance of Proposed Medical Overlay District. Since the "Plan" proposes that we establish a medical overlay district which would include this property; it makes sense that we consider a possible transition toward rezoning within the area to accommodate medical office uses. However, integrating medical office uses into an area which is primarily residential single-family without first establishing the actual overlay district and associated compatibility standards, may be detrimental to nearby residential uses that need protection.

Consideration of the CM District. If the "Plan" recommendation to move toward allowing medical offices in this general area is supported, then it would seem that the CM, Medical Center District would be more suitable than the requested CO, Office District. The CM District is a more limited commercial district only allowing medically related offices and supplier type businesses. The requested CO District allows a whole gamut of office uses. The intent of the "Plan" really is to have a fairly exclusive area within the community, i.e.: the medical overlay district, that is fairly conveniently located near the hospital, and that caters just to medical building needs of the community. Although the applicant is planning to hold his own medically related practice on the subject property, he apparently may also be planning to build extra office space, potentially to lease to others. Approving the CM District rather than the CO District may narrow potential prospects, but would be more in keeping with the future land uses envisioned by the "Plan" for the area. The adjacent property to the north, also fronting directly onto Western Road, was however recently rezoned to the CO District, and the existing home has been remodeled into an insurance office.

Highest and Best Use. The eventual widening of Western Road, and the impact that will have on the adjacent existing homes, certainly raises the question as to whether it makes sense to protect and retain the existing residential zoning and uses adjacent to this minor arterial roadway. Although quality residential uses can and do exist in close proximity to major high traffic streets both here and in larger cities, it works best when that proximity is anticipated and screening fences or adequate setbacks are provided. The widening of Western Road in this area is likely to make this corridor less attractive for continued single-family use, supporting a transition to medical or general office uses. Adequate Public Facilities Findings/Improvements:Streets/Traffic: New development must take into account the planned widening of Western Road, and the affect that required buffer strip ordinances, setbacks, and access guarantees will have on the develop ability of the site.Transit Facilities/Bike Lanes or Trails/Sidewalks: A commercial scale sidewalk is needed along the east side of Western Road either in conjunction with commercial development of the property or with the widening of the roadway. The sidewalk should be placed at its ultimate location to accommodate the road widening.Water Service - Domestic & Fire Protection: The adequacy of the existing service will need to be determined in light of the planned office use. Service appears to be adequate, but capacity models have not been run for the proposed use since demand/usage figures for a specific planned office use have not been provided. Sanitary Sewer Service: The adequacy of the existing service will need to be determined in light of the demand/usage associated with a specific planned office use. Service appears to be adequate, but capacity modeling has not been run for the proposed use.Storm Water Drainage & Drainage Study/Plan: Increase run-off and the provision of on-site detention are likely to be needed with future office development.Electric Service: Overhead service exists and is expected to adequately serve the proposed use. Exploration of under grounding the section-line, road-main lines should be considered with widening of Western Road. Budget Impact: This item requires no new appropriation or budget amendment and should not affect year-end projected balances.Alternatives/Options:

  1. Deny the rezoning request, citing a need to protect the existing surrounding residential uses.
  2. Approve the rezoning request for the CO District.
  3. Approve the more restrictive CM zoning district, restricting use to medically related offices and suppliers in accordance with the "Plan" recommendation to establish a Medical Center Overlay District which would include this property.

Recommendation:The Planning Commission recommends Option #2, approval of the requested CO District. Staff had recommended approval of the CM District as most in keeping with the "Plan", but we also indicated support for the request for CO zoning.

Prepared by:

Bryan C. Brown, City Planner

Reviewed by:

Dan Blankenship, Development Services Director; Carl Weinaug, City Manager

Date Prepared:

Original: 1.28.03; Revised: 2.05.03


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Dr. Stephen Martin, 416 South Knoblock Street, Stillwater, OK 74074
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